Since 2016, MQM politics has gone underground  just like MQM fascist movement. It emerges briefly with crazy slogans of break up of Sindh. As a political party, MQM not important anymore on the national stage. It is slowly absorbing into another establishment party like the PTI of Imran Khan. At one time, MQM and Imran Khan use to hurl abuses at each other. Now both are locked in friendship parcham of GHQ. After all, both hatched in the same laboratory.
Now MQM, like ISI, operates through proxies. Sometimes through Rashid Rizvi and Zaffar Abbas (JDC). And sometimes, MQM depend on Noor e Maryam Kanwer. Recently, Noor e Maryam posted nasty comment against Hina Rabbani Khar of PPP where she blamed Hina for MQM’s Terrorism from 1990s. Facebook pages like “Karachi Walley” is another MQM front.
This is because Karachi intelligentsia does not want to associate directly with MQM. The blind cult worship of MQM by some of Karachi elite backfired before. MQM has been a complete failure and most of Karachi problems can be traced back to MQM.
So to see what is going on in MQM, follow the proxies. Now all MQM proxies are hell bent on creating divides between combined opposition in PDM. They are splashing arrest of Captain Safdar and playing establishment game of Divide and Conquer.
It is a sad and long story about some of Karachi’s Urdu speaking elite who get seduced by racist and fascist cult of MQM. Momin Khan Momin and Marhoom Professor Hassan Zafar Arif are amongst some leftists who fell in trap of right wing GHQ party like MQM. Professor Hassan Zafar Arif joined MQM (London group) in his last days.  Some leftist NSF falling into MQM fascist politics deserve another post.
Biggest attack by MQM has been on Karachi police. MQM always undermined police especially when PPP is elected to lead government in Sindh. Honest and dutiful police were killed while corrupt officers like Kaleem Imam praised to heavens by MQM and proxies.
This way, MQM can blame PPP for all wrong while also creating wedge in Sindh police. MQM teach these double games to its coalition partner PTI who are also dividing Sindh police using pressure of Rangers.  Latest examples are arrest of PML Ka Captain Safdar retired and many FIRs against Ahle Tashiyo community for observing Chehlum of Syedna Imam Hussain.
Historically, role of MQM and its society proxies always to confuse and mislead Pakistan on issues in Sindh. Same policies are in effect now.


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