Editorial: Peshawar Bomb Blast – How longer People will suffer the ramifications of so called Strategic Depth State Policy?

On October 27,2020 , early in the morning , in central hall of Deobandi Sunni hanafi religious seminary Jamia Zubairiya at Dir Colony of Peshawar, capital of KPK 7 people killed and 110 injured in a IDEX blast.
In Western district (Shia majority populated area) of Kabul, Afghanistan , a suicide bomber detonated himself in front of a main gate of Tuition Center Kausar-e-Daanish , 18 people were killed and 58 Injured. DAESH Afghanistan accepted the responsibility of this berberism. That incident occurred before three days on 24 October,2020.
It is said that the targeted religious seminary in Peshawar is included in those seminaries who are linked to Afghan Taliban, and there are hundreds of such Afghan students and teachers who are either members of Afghanistan Amarat-e-Islami (Afghan Taliban Movement) or they have sympathy with Afghan Taliban. We do not rule out the involvement of any rival group of the Afghan Taliban in the bombing. Whatever the case , one thing is very clear: Peshawar Bomb-blast is result of the Afghan Jihad Project , which was started by few amok cum harebrained fatty generals under Strategic –Depth State Policy(Which was modified after 9/11 and Pakistan lost 75 thousands lives of innocent citizens and hundreds of mosques, shrines, Imambargahs, Hindu Temples, Churches were destroyed and bombed by Takfiree Jihadists trained in base camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Eastern Times condemn the both incidents and extend its condolence to families of blast victims.
Former Dictator General Zia-ul-Haq and his fellow military generals devised the Strategic Depth Policy and his predecessor generals continued that policy. Under the said strategic depth policy, Pakistan saw new form of religious seminaries; we can call it Jihadist religious seminary network. The Jihadist network trained hundreds of thousands foot soldiers, who are trying Pakistan into radical Deobandi state inclined to Whabbist ideology. The generals and persons grown -up in their Nurseries who have built a big empire of Jihad became billionaires overnight. And to date no reputable (Is there such institution?) accountability body in Pakistan has dared to ask them for a money trail. Question arises here: Why the government of Pakistan does not nationalized all those religious seminaries linked to Jihadist network?
How long will the poor and oppressed people of Pakistan remain victims of terrorism? How long will they continue to sacrifice their blood under the guise of false dreams of a strategic depth state?


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