It is right that Shia-Persecution in Pakistan is very organized campaign which has transformed into “Slow Genocidal Campaign in Pakistan” but it is not just Shia-killings reflecting the campaign but marginalization of the community, expansion of hatred with community on large scale, ghettoization, immigration & internal displacement of the community, special laws to ban its practicing the some religious rituals and customs, wrongly implicating the persons under blasphemy act or under Cyber Crimes Control act etc. So, Persecution led to Slow genocidal campaign of Shia Muslim community in Pakistan has not one dimensional but multiple dimensions it has. In some cases of Shia-killings were political motivated and behind such killing allegedly some racist cum fascist parties were involved. Syed Adnan Kazmi (Karachi based Urdu-speaking Journalist cum analyst (well informed on the said issue) reveal some rarely said things on some exceptional things related to Shia-Killings in Pakistan. Eastern Times is publishing the article and invites others to take part in this discussion. (Editor ET)



After his release from Adiala in the early part of 2019, Faisal Raza Abidi seemed more disturbed than usual. In one of his drunken states, he blurted the details about the Shias that have been “detained”


“Not all of these Karachi boys have actually been to Syria. And nearly all of them belong to MQM. They are target killers who have killed Shias themselves”


Faisal Raza Abidi even disclosed disturbing details about Ali Raza Abidi’s murder a few months ago on December 25th.


“Ali Raza (Abidi) was in touch with Shah Mahmood Qureshi through his uncle and was all set to leave MQM for PTI. Farooq Sattar and MQM Tessori group put the hit on him”


Faisal Raza Abidi’s disturbing reveals about Ali Raza Abidi are the same as what his close relatives are saying.


Intelligence sources have also confirmed these details. MQM is a spent force in Karachi but it’s activists are still using sectarian trauma to mantain a political role.


Until the 2016 crackdown against MQM by the agencies, there was daily target killings in Karachi. 2012-14 numbers are peak.


But 2 events in Karachi history stand out how MQM used Shia issue.


In 2005, there was a suicide bombing attack on Madinat ul Ilm and within a very short span of time,  KFC was burnt down in retaliation. Arsonists also targeted bank branches, vehicles and petrol stations.


Instead of feeling sympathetic for Shia Muslims under siege, the rest of the country were disgusted.


And this is the goal of MQM. They used to thrive in chaos and destruction that they themselves caused. Targeting a victimized religious community and then retaliating against innocent people, was the MQM tactic.


This left no option for Karachi Shias but to fall in line with MQM. MQM kept repeating these tactics and the worst was Ashura bomb attack in 2009 when Mustafa Kamal was the mayor. Over 100 people were killed including children. While the attendees were busy picking up the deal and continuing their walk, a mysterious group of young men emerged from the lanes.


CCTV cameras showed them using industrial cutters to break into an established Karachi market and its shops. These were then lit on fire using sophisticated dispersal of phosphorus.


The media used this opportunity to attack Shias who just hours ago had suffered such a horrible tragedy. Meanwhile MQM used this opportunity to send one more threat to the trader and business community which is “Meet our Demands or else”


MQM has done this so many times from the 1980s when General Zia ul Haq launched them. General Aslam Beg, a professional soldier, has revealed this publicly.


The MQM that Zia ul Haq launched was carved from Islami Jamiat e Tuleba militants. Old Shia residents of Karachi remember the attacks of IJT on Ali Basti in 1970s.


Same type of militants were absorbed into MQM which was transformed from a group of Shia Intellectuals to a hard core fascist terrorist organisation.  None of these Shia founders are any part of MQM from the 1990s.


The Baldia Factory fire killed nearly 300 labourers and wounded about 70 more. This was perpetuated by the united MQM in 2012 and orders came from the top.


It was only much later after PTI government of Imran Khan came that the perpetrators were punished. Kaptaan’s government finally gave relief to Karachi from



The weak and corrupt PML N and PPP were no match for MQM but PTI is the party for Karachi’s Urdu speaking Shia professionals. PTI has cleaned most of Karachi from MQM influence and kept a tight control on remaining MQM factions.


Around May 2019,  Shia “activists” launched a long strike for missing persons. This was near President Asif Alvi’s house and went on for days.


Honourable PTI minister, Ali Haider Zaidi lead the negotiations with the protestors and Insaafians know some of the gory details.


The details that emerged were very close to the revelations leaked to us a few months earlier by drunk Faisal Raza Abidi.


Those connected to Syria were presented to court. But many Shia youth are still missing. And these Karachi Shia youths are nearly all from MQM hit squads.


Many of them were caught because they could or reconcile income with lifestyle. Also competing sectarian factions in MQM have pointed out how party leadership used its militants to create worse situation between Shias and Sunnis.


MQM used its Shia JIT squads to kill both Sunnis and Shias. After killing many Shias, these squads would kill some JUI F and ASWJ madrassa students and inflame the situation.  MQM Sunni hit squads killed mostly Shias. So Shias suffered the most and some times killed by their own from



MQM used Hit squads as a cold blooded business venture. Sometimes, they took the contract from Sipah e Sahaba and sometimes acted on their own.


The goal was always the same. Make the Shias under siege and make them bow to MQM.


The current protests for the Shia Missing persons does not have the full support of the Shia community. There is a power tussle between Allama Ameen Shaheedi and Raja Nasir Abbas.


Ameen Shaheedi is using these protests to flex his muscles and the young activists leading and promoting the protests are mostly connected to MQM.


Young guys and former ISO activists from Karachi, who are from JDC to MQM to AWP are main members of such group.


Just a few days ago, Jaffar Mirza wrote about the Shia missing persons issue in “The Diplomat”.  There was not one mention of MQM. He is Noor e Maryam Kanwar’s husband.


There are others whose family are victims of Shia Genocide and they are being used by this group.


Shia Genocide is a reality but in Karachi, it has gone down ever since MQM was cut to size by our Armed forced and Rangers.


Whether it is Seriaki is DI Khan, Hazaras in Quetta, Sindhis in Sangar, Baluchi in Jhal Magsi,

Pathans in Parachinar and Punjabis in Rawalpindi, all victims of Shia Genocide by Sunni terrorist group Sipah e Sahaba.


Even Sunnis are also killed by this terrorist group in Punjab and KPK.


However, Shia Genocide in Karachi has a very disturbing dimension because it includes MQM’s Shia hit squads.


Many of the families are not aware what the missing MQM Shia killers were up to. But those who are outside the MQM bubble know the horrifying truth.


That Shia Genocide in Karachi would not have been possible without MQM. Like Khilafat e Ummaya, MQM leaders used to attend the funerals of high profile Shia professionals. The scary and unsaid truth was that same MQM leadership had put out these hits on Shias.  Most of the casualties of Shia Genocide in Karachi were in MQM areas. These areas used to be shut down regularly by London calls from “Bhai” but Shia Killers would easily do their horrors and drive away in scooters in the narrow lanes of North Nazimabad and Rizvia. Or disappear in the traffic and congested areas near Numaish, Gurumandir and Bahadurabad.


MQM has many journalists who blamed Pathans for Shia Genocide. And certainly in some Taliban occupied areas of Karachi, that was the case. After another wave of Shia killing that was “balanced” by killing Sunni madrassa students, Pro- MQM journalists who are working for prestigious English newspapers used to present this as tit-for-tat issue. This has hurt the case for Shia Genocide all over Pakistan and the region.


In a recent Insaaf Students gathering, this issue was discussed. Most Karachiites are never going to vote for MQM. We will vote for PTI, Jamaat e Islami, PDM and even PML N.


Never again MQM. This terrorist group has destroyed two generations of hard working and educated Urdu speaking Muhajirs. We were the leaders.


This is why the Shia Missing Persons protests are away from the Karachi Press Club where Baloch, Sindhi and Pathan Missing person protests are regular.


Because when questions will be asked about who the Shia missing persons are, the answers will be very uncomfortable.


The missing should be presented. We need to know how MQM put them on this deadly path.


15 years ago, young boys used to do daredevil stunts on motorbikes on Shahrah e Faisal. These were recruited by MQM for their hit squads. Ali Raza Abidi’s tragic murder footage reveals the skill of the target killers and the speed with which they did their murder.


Thanks to Kaptaan, those days are behind us and so is MQM.


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